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Big Pimpin’
g-32Aston Harald, Swedish builders of the M32 World Match Race Tour cats, is now ready to move into other areas of high-tech marine manufacturing
Left: Plenty of room… the combined 3,700m2 of work space available inside the assembly and laminating sheds of Aston Harald is kept immaculate by veteran builder Killian Bushe and Batt Battison, who consider it essential to their efforts to achieve maximum efficiency while also allowing visitors to better witness the creative process of high-tech composite boat building
The architectural and aesthetic beauty of sailing craft while on the water is one of the many inspirations that keeps us passionate about our sport. Even without being a boatbuilder all of us can appreciate the care and craftsmanship that go into the creation of the best high-tech race boats.
Yet the details of how these boats are produced can be lost in a rattle of machinery and clouds of dust often located on the far side of the world, where concerns about the impact of the creative process of construction may not always be at a level commensurate with the cultural standards of the customer… At the same time many of the clever techniques devised in the process of production can also be too easily hidden to the observer by the excessive clutter spun off when you are talking many hundreds – or even thousands – of man hours of manual labour.
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