"i'm not handicapped"

We’d love to know how that statement can be made, not only in good conscience, but ANY conscience, and not have people go ape shit. We blame US Sailing. We blame Dee Smith. We blame his enablers, sycophants and the ass-kissers.
But finally, we blame you, the rank and file for letting this happen to your sport. For not getting off your collective asses and making a statement. For not screaming to the cronies and good ol’ boys at US Sailing for creating this injustice. For acting like the rules, and ethics and morals and good judgment of this sport don’t matter. Because guess what? They don’t.
For US Sailing shitting on the real handicapped sailors. Their hard work, their dedication, their life struggles ignored, marginalized, so that a non-handicapped sailor might bring home a fucking medal. One that ultimately means nothing. How could it? Lies, manipulation, deception and arrogance are not the stuff of honor. They are quite the opposite.
Shame on our sport.