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Jake Beattie and the folks at Northwest Maritime Center folks are once again showing why they’re some of the best race organizers in the sport with this promo of the 2017 Race 2 Alaska and a big announcement! Here’s the note from JB:

Hey Clean,
Same race, June 8th starting date, but with one new change: There’s another $10,000 in play. We’re going to buy a boat that finishes.
Every time a boat finishes we’re going to show up with a big Ed McMahon style check and the team will have 5 minutes to decide if they want to sell us their boat. First one to say yes gets the $10k, and we get their boat…whatever it is.  It means we’ll probably end up with a shitbox, but we wanted a way to encourage the scrappy side of the race. Who knows what will happen, but we’re laughing for now at least.

Watch the great vid above, and if you want more info, watch this presentation.  Or, ya know, the new thread.