there's no f in team

We got this note the other day about one of the all-time classic SA videos from one of the OG gangsta SA’ers, and it gives us an excuse to dredge it up from the past and give you yet another shot of joy.  Of course you can head over here to find out all about creator ‘keeldragger’ and the story of Fucking Teamwork, which started more than a decade ago!
From: Kerstin
Topic: Videos
Message Body: Aloha! I’ve been searching your archives for a hilarious video that was posted probably over 2 years ago… My crew & I still crack up talking about it. Hoping you can send me a link or repost it for all to enjoy again.  It went something like this: Small boat (30ish feet?) out racing with what looks to be like a family crewing.. I think they’re under spinnaker & they broach & it all goes to shit.. Girl at the helm is yelling “I’ve got nothing!!” over & over.. Dad(?) is pointing up at the mast yelling “I need…..? I need…?!?”  Then the best part- “Jill” goes overboard!!!  “We’ve lost Jill” ..”we’ll be right back”   The whole time Grandpa(?) is standing at the port quarter.. Committe boat brings Jill back & the crew still hasn’t gotten their shit together.
Such a gem!  Hope you still have it somewhere!!
Thanks either way for providing such great entertainment!