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Big Pimpin’
ramblerOnce the most convivial of holiday racing destinations, the Caribbean circuit is now a little more serious than that. But it’s still just about bearable… as former Alinghi America’s Cup helmsman and local Caribbean resident Peter Holmberg confirms
From what was once a very enjoyable and desirable, if casual, diversion from mainstream racing, or simply a warmer alternative to that annual skiing vacation, the Caribbean regatta circuit has evolved and matured into a serious gathering of top race yachts and their crews.
Flowing seamlessly on from the Florida regattas at the start of each year, an ever increasing number of the best-known raceboats – large and small – now make the short journey south… postponing for as long as possible their return to less balmy northern racing climes.
Long gone are the days of Caribbean events predominantly being run for the region’s charter fleets, plus enthusiastic locals with lovingly preserved and maintained ‘older’ racers. Today the harbours of the Caribbean are filled to overflowing with some of the best racing machinery and best racing sailors on the planet. Sailors are still extremely fortunate to find themselves racing in this part of the world every year… but each year it also gets a little harder to take home the silver.
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