Our first two weeks on the water with the Expedition Canoes have brought us from Norfolk to Charleston! The boats are incredibly fun, though they require a fair amount of skill to sail upwind in breeze over 10 knots. The narrow beam of the boat allows them to move quickly, but also makes them prone to rolling in puffy conditions, which we’ve seen a lot of in the narrow channels of the ICW.
Fiona, Laura and Jennah are new to dinghy sailing, so these first weeks have been focused on developing skills, and less on grinding out each mile. The Outer Banks brought 20 knot winds which allowed us to strength test all the gear. So far, no breakdowns! Once we reached Ocracoke we crossed back to the mainland in a ferry to pickup the ICW again. One highlight was spending a night on Shackleford Banks with their famous inhabitants, 120 or so wild horses that have lived there for centuries.
Cape Lookout National Seashore is stunningly beautiful, a perfect spot for a small boat adventure. As we dug south, we had to throw the boats on the truck and zip ahead to get back on schedule to make our meet and greet at the Sperry store in Charleston (the boat building took longer than we had originally planned), but now we’re back in the groove and winding our way down through SC and Georgia.
Big ups to the folks in Charleston who came out to see the boats! We’ll be at the Savannah Sperry store this Sunday, so come on by and check em out! – Team Waterlust.