it's in the details

details 1
Yeah, we love the old ton boats, but we really spent a lot of time sailing MORC. One of the all-time great MORC boat was the Alan Andrews dsigned 30′ Details. We are stoked to see that it is very alive and kicking!
We bought the first Andrews 30 (and ’82 MORC champ) back in November of 2015 and spent the last 11 months doing a full restoration. Well the boom needs some cleaning up still…. ;-).┬áThe boat now lives in CT (having never left CA in it’s 34 year life).
Cool little bit of history, the ’81 champion was Bob Evelyn’s 25.5 “Prophet” which was beaten the following year by “Details” Bob is a member of our crew and raced on the boat today having not seen “Details” in person in 34 years…. pretty cool! – John Fries.