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the doctor is out

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.50.49 PMUPDATE: Oh, look! We were right.  Again.
We heard today that the latest savior of the 2017 AC has taken a walk; we’re talking of course of Dr. Harvey Schiller, the Commercial Commissioner of ACEA for the past two years, and as of today, his LinkedIn CV says “ACEA, 2014 to August 2016.  With his resume including the NY Yankees and the USOC, the doctor was lauded by ACEA as the next great savior of the always-unsustainable billionaire ballgame that’s the Cup when hired two years ago, but it appears that he’s finally had it with CEO Coutts and is cutting his losses.
Insiders have told us that Russell and the Doctor have been butting heads hard for the better part of a year now; did Dr. Harvey leave because he never got over the fact he wasn’t named the CEO?  Or maybe the ETNZ arbitration case (which Coutts stalled for more than a year for no good reason)  is about to crash down around the heads of ACEA.  If not, perhaps Schiller finally tired of fighting over the proper way to treat sponsors and other stakeholders…we’ll let you know more when we do.
Those who remember how the last great savior at the head of ACEA went out will feel a bit of deja vu; if the past is a predictor of the future, we can all expect things to start going downhill fast.