all or nothing

all or nothingall or nothingall or nothingall or nothingno windPerhaps that should be the other way round as, in Rio today, nothing happened for most sailors, most of the day and then just as the 49ers finished their racing for the day they got so much wind that for the 49ers bare poles were hard to keep in the air.

So no new medals of any colour today although Burling & Tuke (NZL) are now just a short step away from securing Gold without the medal race although with 3 races to go and a number of teams checking boats for damage from the storm that hit during the sail in from the course perhaps still an element of suspense while the women in the 49erFX see the pairing of DOmingez & Moro (ESP) leap to the top of the leaderboard with 2 bullets and the name Grael (BRA) – along with crew Kunze – continuing to grace an Olympic leaderboard 32 years after her father won Silver in the Soling Class in 1984.

This of course makes for a busy medal day tomorrow with all the singlehanders along with the Nacra 17 deciding who will wear what colour and which National Anthems will be heard. All except Giles Scott (GBR) of course, who is assured of the Gold.
That said Stipanovic (CRO) in the Laser should prevail, Boumeester (NED) in the Radial a slightly more challenging day and with Lange & Saroli (ARG) in the Nacra with 5 potential usurpers of their pole position perhaps having the toughest job of hanging on to the top spot. At almost 20 years older than any other helm in the fleet it will be interesting to see if experience triumphs over relative youth.
– Shanghai Sailor