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flirting with success

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.29.13 PMThey may have already been disproved and denied, but rumors of UK royalty Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie’s flirt-fest (and Kate’s impending divorce because of it) have once again resurfaced after some puppy-dog-eyed photos surfaced of Kate’s sail with Team BAR in Portsmouth last month.  We include this story not to perpetuate a false rumor, but to point out how cool it is that any sailor is enough of a celebrity in Britain to find himself in a tabloid rumor with a princess not once, but twice…
Our own sources confirm that Big Ben and Gorgeous Georgie are just fine, thank you (and they just had their first kid last month – a gorgeous girl with the gorgeous name Bellatrix); you can check her out on the ACWS pregame show on BT Sport; unfortunately, Americans without a hack are stuck with the same ol’ white boys.  Tim Rooke pic from the forums.