build it and they will come

We’re 7 days into our adventure and team morale is high and the boats are coming together quickly! The team at Chesapeake Light Craft have been amazing hosts and the stoke meter is pegged. They have opened their workshop up to a bunch of newbies and basically trusted us not to screw the whole thing up! It’s pretty cool to see a company with the mission of empowering people to get on the water through their own sweat and hard work. Walking through their showroom is like being a kid in a candy shop….radically creative dinghies, SUP’s, kayaks, you name it, they build it….or actually, YOU build it.

The Expedition Canoe’s are starting to look like actual boats. The building process calls for stitching the outer frame of the hull together, and then methodically adding bulkheads, centerboard trunks and mirage drive assemblies, mast steps, the deck etc…We’ve been averaging 12 hour days, but surprisingly it feels less like manual labor and more like art, that magic feeling of creation we used to have all the time as kids when we’d crayon up a blank piece of paper or try to build something new out of legos. To say our inner children are fully dialed in would be an understatement!
This week we’re prepping the hulls for primer and paint with help from our good friends at Jamestown Distributors. In fact, JD has supplied this project with much of the glue, gloves, paint brushes etc…and Mike Mills just flew down this morning to help sand down the hulls and help us make these twins look beautiful. Damn, the sailing community is pretty rad isn’t it?
Be sure to tune into the livestream at www.clcboats.com/shopcam to watch our daily progress and hit us up on social media with your questions about the expedition! We’ll also be throwing a kickoff party this Sunday (August 7th) at the local Sperry shop in downtown Annapolis. If you’re in the area, come meet our team, check out the boats which will be on display, and grab a brew. RSVP here. – Patrick Rynne, Waterlust.