4 second shit box

4 second shit box
Well, I managed to fuck away a win in a coastal race. Again. Bad enough that through a blown start, Anarchy lost first in class and first overall on the Newport to Ensenada race by 25 seconds (25 second shit box), No, I had to outdo my own idiocy by managing to lose first overall in the Santa Barbara to King Harbor race by four seconds. Four fucking seconds after 81 miles of glorious sailing. Why? I put us over early at the start and we had to go back. The world’s longest line, with no justifiable reason to be over early, but sure as fuck if I wasn’t.
We did manage to sail into the lead, but again, I failed to heed the routing and that cost us huge as well. Just to prove what a shit-show I run, our EPIRB somehow got wet down below, turning it on and sending out it’s emergency signal. By the time we noticed, a Lifeguard boat was following and  people thought that something had happened to us. Oh you can bet something happened, the curse of Tempesta happened.
In all seriousness, Thanks to the Lifeguards and Coasties for their quick action. Good to know that had something really happened, they are there.
What just sickens me about losing this race is just what a phenomenal job Brian Janney and Paige Johnston did prepping the boat, and how well Rodrigo Doll, Andrew LaPlant and Kenny Blackington helped sail the boat. The thing was so fast reaching with the zero and freed up later tithe A1.5. That’s Paige driving, Andrew trimming with Anacapa Island  and a Santa Cruz 52 astern. And yes, that’s our liferaft mounted in the cockpit.
But to know that I lost it before we even (officially) started really stings. I feel like shit. – Ed.