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Big Pimpin’
We hope that this doesn’t get lost in translation, but Astra Yacht has some pretty cool stuff they want to share with you…
astra 1In the last 40 years sailing ┬áhas changed a lot, from the almost instruments-free navigation similar for millenniums of years, to the explosion of electronics on board of the last decades. So if in the 60’s or 70’s a wind sensors was the top technology available together with a log speed sensors, then in the 90’s it started with some LCD display, the revolution of GPS for civil and then a literal vertical explosion. 2000: pc software for tactics and chartplotters. In late 2000 the APP innovation begins with the mobile revolution, and so multitouch display, Wi-Fi on board, miles of cables in the boat and data, data everywhere.
How to manage this amount of information coming from the boat in an efficient way?
This is what Astra Yacht aims to do and this is what we did in the last years, implementing a new approach based on the new most advanced technologies coming from the highly developed nautical and other industries.
Astra Yacht is a company operating in the instrumentation and electronic field for sail boat, developing software and hardware for both racing and cruise purposes (from the tactical software to the electronics unit box up to the output devices such as multitouch displays and wearable peripherals). Performing but still simple systems for winning races and set the sails during cruise as well for a more aware enjoyable and safer navigation.
Check out their website for more info.