f is for…

f is for
Local Knowledge
This is the shit we love – ed.
Not sure what F stands for in your mind but for this last weekend F stood for a few different things during the Bayview to Mackinac.
Let’s start with F standing for Class F, if you don’t know Class F on the scratch sheet consisted of a group of ‘faster’ Cruising boats whom were required to sail the Cove Island or ‘long’ course, something like 270 miles up lake huron. This brings us to the next F, FAR. Yes 270+ miles on a cruising Beneteau 42 is Far. By the end of the race F stood Finally, as in we are FINALLY finished.
Fortunately get a group of close friends together who enjoy sailing and race hard no matter what, some other F’s also happen. Here are just a few more:
First to Finish – in our Class
Fun – yes, had a great time, ate well and slept a little
Fast (relative term) –  Finished 2 hours in front of the closest boat and was 24th overall on the long course out of 100+ racing boats
Need to see it to believe it? No F’n problem, here is a quick video recap of what it is like to drag your 42-footer the long way around Lake Huron.
– Anarchist Steve Gilbert