make america slow again

One Bronze Medal. That is what is projected for the mighty USA in the sailing Olympics. One Fucking Bronze Medal. What a pathetic, low expectation, slap in the face this is to everyone associated with the US Team. US Sailing, sponsors like Sperry, coaches and to the product that they have created, the sailors, should all be so embarrassed by this abject failure that not only awaits, but seems inevitable.
Sure this decline has been ongoing for years, and it should have been dealt with actual corrective methods that would have generated results. Instead, the slow race to win the bottom would appear to be within the grasp of all those involved. What a proud moment!
Given the shit show lead up to these Brazilian Olympics, and the very real potential for a disastrous, infectious, violent nightmare awaiting, the US should have pulled out anyway. It not only would have protected the athletes, it would have sent the right message, and as a side benefit, saved the US from yet another Olympic Sailing Embarrassment.
We see a new Olympic Sailing slogan: Make America Slow Again.