cal 40's rule

redhead 2And they always have. Nice to see one  – Redhead – out front in the staggered start Pac Cup to Hawaii.
It’s early days, but we are disappointed to see the Melges 32 Rufless get out of the blocks poorly. They had better hope that they start to get their conditions because if they do, they will shred.
Speaking of shredding, the 100′ Rio is looking at a weather window that could result in a sub 6 day passage. Believe it. And for the Moore 24 believers, belive in Mas as they lead in every handicap category! They will be ones to watch.
The usual assortment of marginal sailors and marginal boats are dropping out of the race, but what do you expect with a “run what ya brung” race to Hawaii?
Speaking of watching, watch ’em here. Know that the Pac Cup organizers (never the most progressive group) still think it is smart to have a 6y hour delay on the tracker. So lame.