we're back, drought. do not mess with us again.

dr death
Super stoked to see the High Sierra regatta rolling again!
I opened the skippers meeting by saying, “My name is Daniel Irwin, I have been waiting nearly 3 years to say this. Welcome to the 61st running of the Huntington Lake High Sierra Regatta!”
Because we had made so many changes to the regatta format, we brought Andrea and Doc Caroe up as PRO for the regatta. That was a good move. Andrea was in charge and had no problem working out the continuous rolling starts.
I learned a lot about race management. In 2 days there was only one misstep (mea culpa) and it wasn’t her doing. After I put up the wrong flag and realized it 2 minutes into the sequence, Andrea sprang into action and put up the “cat in the hat” flag. Calm as can be…I was so impressed, but I told everyone I messed up on purpose so I could see if I could rattle her. NO way!
The newspaper was happy to cover something that didn’t involve “black lives matter”, vicious cops, drug dealers or murder so we got a nice write up and pictures. If only the reporter had listened when I SPELLED my name for him.
Here’s the hook…We’re Back! and We’re happy to be back.
Daniel IRWIN
Commodore Fresno Yacht Club