the replacement

the replacementYou know when you finally find the perfect one… It just feels right and fits like nothing else you have ever had before. But then, in an instant it is taken away from you and there is NOTHING you can do about it? Sure, you are angry, frustrated, and you think nothing can take its place but then from across the room you see it…The REPLACEMENT. Better looking, younger, fresher and the best news of all? It costs less than that one you thought you could never replace. It’s perfect.
This was the ad that launched the UPF 50+ Pro-Tech and it was spot on. At UNDER $25 INCLUDING your team logo (Which we will build for free if you need one) This is the best shirt on the market period and comes in an adult cut as well as a fitted women’s cut. Use coupon code BEST CREW when ordering 5 or more and save more than 60%. You can mix and match the short sleeve, long sleeve along with hoodies to get the discount. Order up!