wise ass

We get letters…
Your assessment of Peter Wilcox is quite wrong.  He is no more than a pirate and the Russians were simply giving him his due.  I am a merchant mariner by trade and have worked in the oilfield for years.  I’ll note at this point that there is an island at the eastern entrance to NY Hrbr. called Execution Rocks.  Pirates used to be hanged there and left for all like minded to see upon entering what would become NYC as a warning.  Wilcox got off easy.
Funny, you wise asses all sail plastic boats, with plastic sails but still side against the oil industry even though you know nothing about it.
I’m a sailor too and have put in much of my life on the oceans and they are pretty damn clean.  I even worked for WHOI for a while and there is nothing greener than that.  Time Peter Wilcox stopped getting lauded for his behavior and called to account for what he truly is:  a sanctioned pirate deserving of the gallows.