no sail for you

This is an interesting question, followed by some great responses in our forum…
My wife and I are members of an US east coast yacht club. She’d liked to learn how to sail one of the fleets 420’s or Lasers and inquired about a lesson but was told by the sailing chair that they were for Junior racing only and were off limits to the general membership – a lesson on one of the Sunfish’s could be provided, however. It’s certainly laudable to get kids involved in sailing but seems odd that an entity that calls itself a “yacht club” discourages it’s paying members from participating in the sport.
I’ve long resigned myself to the fact it’s more a pool and dining club though I was hopeful that either interest in adult sailing would increase or the club would do more to foster participation beyond member’s children.
So I was just curious if this is typical and perhaps any advice on how to proceed. I expect the best thing at this point is to just buy our own Laser or perhaps an Aero, which I hear has been well received, and give it a go on our own.
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