Big Pimpin’
seaflowHow often do you have to change the pumps on your boat? If you purchased a “name brand” pump in the last 10 years, your answer is probably: “Too damn often”.
We constantly hear from customers fed up with dealing with the establishment brands. Year after year, these companies raise their prices and year after year their quality diminishes. The big guys have had a stranglehold on the pump market for too long. They have become comfortable with the status quo. Are you?
Enter SEAFLO. Although we have been around for over 10 years in foreign markets, SEAFLO considers ourselves the “new kids on the block” in the United States marine market. We try to focus on our customers and what they want, rather than primarily on our financial statement.
We strive to be everything that our competitors are not. After experiencing firsthand the deteriorating quality of “name brand” pumps, the recipe for SEAFLO’s success was pretty easy. Develop superior quality products, at an affordable price, with unbeatable customer service, and a 4 Year Warranty to back everything we make.
This recipe seems to be working as everyday more and more people are switching over to SEAFLO from the old, tired brands. With an Industry-Leading 4 Year Warranty standard on all products, what is there to lose?
Bilge Pumps, Washdown Kits, Water Pressure Pumps, Hand Pumps, Shower Sump Systems, Access Hatches, Marine Switches and Blower Fans are our main focuses.