a gathering of many hulls

b2Gougeon Brothers, Inc. is sponsoring the thirteenth annual 2016 Great Lakes Multihull Championship Regatta, which will happen August 26-28. This regatta has been known to bring in some of the Midwest’s greatest multihull sailors, and even national competitors.
This exciting championship is limited to offshore multihulls with a minimum length of 24′ and a maximum length of 45′. Hosted by the Bay City Yacht Club, the race will take place on the Saginaw Bay near the mouth of the Saginaw River in Bay City, Michigan. There will be buoy races on Friday, August 26, a long-distance race on Saturday, August 27, and more buoy races on Sunday, August 28. No races will start after 5:00 PM on Friday or 1:30 PM on Sunday.
The racing will be conducted in accordance with ISF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the prescriptions of US Sailing as modified by the Sailing Instructions.
The Great Lakes Multihull Racing Association (GLMRA)’s Time-on-Time handicap will be used. A copy of the participant’s GLMRA certificate must be sent with the registration information. Participants who fail to provide their current rating information with the registration form must accept the rating assignment from the local committee with no opportunity to appeal. There are no minimum or maximum crew requirements. The fleet may be divided according to GLMRA ratings. Any division of the fleet will be announced at the competitors’ meeting.
Awards will be presented to the top three finishers overall with additional fleet awards if there is more than one fleet.
Owners or skippers are required to complete and sign a registration form, pay the required fees and abide by the rules and stipulations of the race. The Entry Fee is $110.00 per boat.  The additional Skipper/Crew Fee is $50.00 per person if the registration is postmarked on or before August 6, 2016.  The fee provides a lunch and two breakfasts at the Bay City Yacht Club, a dinner at the famed Gougeon Brothers Boat Shop, and a custom designed, high tech regatta shirt.  The fee increases to $130 per boat and the Skipper/Crew fee increases to $60 per person for registrations postmarked after August 6 but on or before August 18. Registrations will not be accepted later than August 18.
For more information, visit www.baycityyachtclub.com or contact Bob Nelb, 989-631-8080[email protected] or Greg Bull, 888-377-6738[email protected].