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walk of shame

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 12.08.03 PMQuestion of the Week
SA’er Lorax asks: “On a hypothetical vessel returning from Figawi today, let’s say there was, unbeknownst to the skipper, a young lady sleeping in the v berth with his bowman.
When she awakes 50 miles from Nantucket, halfway to Boston, and realizes her possessions are still on the island and she is looking at an epic walk of shame. Say she wanted off the boat NOW, but a detour to somewhere on Buzzards Bay would miss us the tide at the canal. I [hypothetically -Ed] felt a drop off at the bus station in the Cape Cod Canal with bus and ferry fare, along with breakfast and coffee were appropriate. There was other talk if our actions would constitute kidnapping or false imprisonment.
Answers here.