isaf loses. again.

This has been brewing behind the scenes for a couple of months. Matt Mitchell, who was part of Oracle in ’13, sued them and ISAF. He’s lost most of his stuff against Oracle, but he won a big procedural victory last week against ISAF or World Sailing, or whatever they are called (get this, they change their name, but the signs on their building in Southampton still say ISAF. Typical. lame)
ISAF’s lawyer is Squire Patton Boggs, a huge DC lobby shop. Now why did ISAF hire Squire Patton Boggs for a little case like this? Who made that decision? Was it ISAF, or did their insurance company hire them?
They asked for the case to be dismissed AND for $150,000 in sanctions against Matt’s lawyer. The judge ruled in favor of Matt. No sanctions. Case to proceed. Our question: why is exactly NO ONE on the ISAF Council speaking up on behalf of sailors rights?