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Big Pimpin’
kb 1The new KB1 Keel Boat Racer range has more than 10 years of product development behind it. In that time our experts have refined the KB1 Racer into what it is today through continuous engagement with the best competitive sailors to completely understand and respond to their requirements on the racecourse. In its latest version we are delivering the most streamlined and resilient racing system that we have ever produced.
During the development process we’ve been working with many top names in the racing community, including those in our own Gill Race Team. While other brands may value a fashion-first approach, we view our garments as items of high-performance technical equipment just like any other. So it was important we perfected even the smallest details by speaking to the people who put the KB1 Racer kit through its paces.
Above: the latest KB1 Racer Jacket in Graphite and KB1 Racer Trousers with new shoulder adjustment and a tactician pocket to accept course notes and GPS devices.
At the heart of the development of KB1 Racer is mobility. To meet the rigorous demands of top-level keelboat racing this sophisticated garment system needs to be lightweight and keep the elements firmly on the outside, while ensuring those who wear it remain dry and comfortable on the inside. The result is that our new KB1 Racer is engineered to move in harmony with the movements of your body; it is a garment system that allows sailors to manoeuvre quickly and easily around the boat using the minimum of effort. Read on.