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Sailing in the Mediterranean sea, it is quite common to see sailboats using just the jib in any wind conditions. In coastal cruising this easy style jib-only is quite popular in the summer season. You don’t have to repeat to the crew to be careful of the booms when gybing or tacking, to the sheet , main traveler and so on; just unroll the jib and go sailing .
I’ve tried to figure out this sailing style as a a brief for a cruiser project, so I started focused on just jibs.
To have a balanced sail plan I suppose a twin furling jib solution to creates the venturi effect. Even reducing the sail surface the center of effort works on the right position. The rig is a double backward mast with four parallel backstays , the large gennaker doesn’t need any spinnaker boom. The deck at this point is “mast free” for the maximum happiness for everyone on board, especially the ladies.
Is it the future or a design provocation ?
Daniele Vitali