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anti depression

Michael Hennessy checks in from the nav station on Dragon as the Atlantic Cup fleet gets ready for the long jump from Charleston to Brooklyn today!  Head over to their Facebook Page to watch the start LIVE at noon ET  (hopefully). And don’t forget – Now that it’s come to the revitalized borough, no Atlantic Cup coverage is complete without this tune.
For the past couple of days, we have been keeping an eye on this low pressure that popped up east of the Bahamas. First a trough, then a potential cyclone, now a depression.
She has threatened and teased, providing relief from the high pressure system that has gripped the southeast coast for the past several days and its light airs. But maybe too much relief?
The call is made, and today we are chasing storms.  The system is moving a bit quicker than thought, and when we start in light north easterlies we will be racing east to meet her. As she comes to us, she brings a shift to the Southeast, and we will tack North on that building wind. Tonight should be sporty and wet with big confused seas. If we survive that, then we sail into lighter winds North of Hatteras.
The Transat knocked Carac out of the A Cup fleet, so we’re at 9 boats for this edition.  Tales is the boat to beat, having won every race she has started.  The rest of the fleet is pretty well matched, with each boat having its sweet spots. We are motivated – it was this race that made Dragon a YouTube star for the wrong reasons.
Stay posted. Much more to come.