search and destroy


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find this 1D35, stolen last week from San Diego.  We know the Anarchists will find it – the question is, will you burn the deck and wheel off before you call the cops and get your reward money? From the forum:
Hello to all,

My name is Jason Petersen and I purchased Two Guys On The Edge 1D35  with Johan Pieterse last October in Hawaii. We shipped the boat to San Diego and over the past 5 months, it has gone through a complete refit and was ready to start racing.

As of 10 days ago it was sitting in a slip at Kona Kai marina in San Diego  but was “stolen” sometime in the last week. I was notified by the Marina Manager this Tuesday and have reported this the to US Marshals office, Coast Guard and San Diego Harbor Police.  An APB has been put out to all Marinas in California and Ensenada, and Emails with pictures and description have also gone out to all Marinas in Southern California.
It is the only 1D35 with a wheel and has black stanchions, Mast looks new with fresh clear, new rod rigging, all new running rigging, boom is polished it has grey soft deck all over the cockpit and deck and Hawaii registration stickers. It doesn’t have any stickers or name on the hull.
Any information in helping out with locating the boat is very appreciated and I am available 24/7. all of the law enforcement  agencies are actively looking for the boat up and down the coast.
Thank you in advance for any help with information about the theft of the boat.  Post here.