it ain't golf

golf 1Sixteen pro hydrofoil racers gathered for an exhibition event on the Sacramento River in California on May 14-15, 2016. The purpose of the event was to showcase the potential for racing in venues that provide close quarters viewing in an action packed setting. “Racing on the river was a new challenge”, said Rogelio Basave a top world ranked racer who came from Puerto Vallarta for the event. “It was fast, there were lots of maneuvers required, and the setting was very cool.”
Johnny Heineken (USA) won the event by a narrow margin with Riccardo Leccese (Italy), Joey Pasquali (USA), and Nico Landaur (Uruguay) all challenging for the top spot. Young sailor Daniela Moroz won the top Female and top Junior categories. Nico Landauer was top master (35-44) and Sonny Swords was top grand master (45-54).
Plans for future events in the idyllic river venue are underway. Organizers aim to get this spot added Hydrofoil Pro Tour. “Imagine a racecourse that spectators could see from all sides. They can walk up and down and all around, like watching a golf tournament. Now that would be cool!”