Big Pimpin'

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Big Pimpin’

Oceanvolt Systems are now being offered on new Elan E3, E4 & E5 models!

“The motor is just amazing, the maneuvering in the harbor, torque, the silence. Better than we ever expected!” – owners of the first electric Elan E4,
Oceanvolt electric motor systems are standard on more than 90 boat models, both monohull & multihull, represented by 45 different boat manufOV2acturers worldwide. In addition to Elan this list includes brands like McConaghy Boats, J/Boats, Dufour Yachts & Alerion Yachts to mention a few. The systems are highly reliable, silent, maintenance free & create energy while sailing. The batteries of the propulsion system can be charged using the hydro generation feature on the motors, solar power, shore power or a small DC generator. Because the systems are 48V they can be installed by anyone without any special electrical certification.
Contact Springline Yacht Sales ([email protected]) in the US to get more information about the different electric motor packages on the Elan models.