it's alive!

aliveThe Fresno Yacht Club wants everyone to know what we have just learned about water levels at Huntington Lake. We are not just “whistling in the dark” any more.

At a community meeting Thursday evening representatives of Southern California Edison explained how they are working together with other agencies to insure that Huntington Lake will be keep full at least through the end of July.
What all this means is, the 61st High Sierra Regatta will be held as planned!

Weekend #1 will be held July 9th and 10th and Weekend # 2 will be held July 16th and 17th.

After 2 years without water, the regatta is coming back with some significant changes. In keeping with modern trends in small boat racing there will be more races.  We are changing the format to include 5 races.  This will place an emphasis on starting and boat handling at the marks.  All the fun stuff.  In order to accomplish this short course racing…the traditional start finish line will be separated.  We have been locked in to the longer race format because we only had one start finish line.  With 8 starts, short races would finish before we got all the starts off.
There will be drone and on the water video coverage which will be put together and shown at the Saturday evening party. Of course the good spinnaker snafu’s will have to go on YouTube.
The party location is being moved to the ski resort at China Peak.  Transportation will be provided between the party and the launch ramp area.  This way everyone will be free to enjoy the dinner and party at whatever level they choose.
We are bringing the fun back.  That’s why we do this…Am I right?
Want to know more?  Go to www.fresnoyachtclub.org. Want to get registered?  Same answer.  Go to www.fresnoyachtclub.org.