jump in then, honey

Let us be the first to invite this bimbo to swim a lap or two in Shit Lagoon and then let’s see how smug she is…
When is it time to panic about the Olympics?
It’s true, things are not pretty in Rio de Janeiro, even as the Olympic torch arrived Tuesday in Brazil, with three months until the opening ceremony of the Games.
There’s the raw sewage in Guanabara Bay, slated for sailing events. The doubts over whether the subway line connecting the Olympic venues will be finished in time. The horror of the collapse of a recently built $12 million seaside bike path (two dead, three injured), calling into question the integrity of the other structures the city has built for the Games — for which, by the way, ticket sales are still hovering at only about 62%.
But panic?
Well, the Zika virus is spreading, with some delegations debuting “Zika-proof” uniforms. The city’s notorious crime rate looms large, and Amnesty International has called attention to the death toll from police crackdowns in the favelas, or shantytowns.
All this while the country remains embroiled in economic recession, a corruption scandal and political drama, most notably impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.
But let’s pause a moment. Read on if you must.