100 years!

100 1On behalf of the AMERICAN MODEL YACHTING ASSOCIATION (AMYA), I would like to congratulate the members of the Central Park Model Yacht Club (CPMYC) for their successful day in the park for their 100 Year Anniversary Celebration! Commodore John Tucker, Vice Commodore Bruce Richter, and other members of the CPMYC made it their duty to host 1000’s of spectators, members and non-members of the AMYA and myself throughout the day (April 23, 2016)in beautiful Central Park.
With special guest speakers from the City of New York’s Parks Dept, and members of the Kerb family, who sponsor and paid for the Clubhouse after a devastating fire years ago were on hand to be honored. Throughout the day everyone was entertained with racing International One Meters(IOM’s), Vintage Model Yachts, and later a free for all display of over 25+ boats on the pond ranging from 26” long up to very classic J-Class boats that can be in size of 96” long. Being able to view
Classic Schooners sailing next to ultra-modern IOM’s next to now available “Ready To Sail” (RTS) type RC boats was s sight to behold. Skipper’s ranging in ages 9 years old to almost 85 years of age on the same pond, on the same day, on the same tack was a refreshing feeling knowing that our Radio Control Hobby can span the entire demographic of folks in which age has no limit. The CPMYC will be constantly adding pictures and videos of the days festivities on their website.
New England Model Yachts, also in attendance to further supply the Vintage class boats have also posted pics on the this link.  We here at the AMYA ….  are so proud of the Central Park Model yacht Club and applaud their positive long standing in the great city of New York’s Central Park and wish them another 100 years of success. As for me, it was a great honor to attend this event and represent the AMYA and will always be one of the highlights of my Presidency!!!
Good Winds!
Sailing Anarchist – Ray Seta
AMYA President