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Local Knowledge
whale daywhale dayFriends Claudia Allison, Robert Baumann and I chartered a Colgate 26 for an afternoon sail on the SF Bay Friday 4/29/16. It proved to be quite an eventful day. After rescuing a downed windsurfer near the St Francis YC.
and transferring him to the Coast Guard response boat we decided to follow the two pods of whales that we’re circumnavigating the central bay.
For 3 hours we watched from a safe a legal distance as the whales showed off their baleen and treated us to playful displays of slapping the water with their fins and huge flukes. We were awed was when three whales breached in front on Fort Mason within 10 seconds of each other. We asked around and no one has ever recalled whales breaching in the bay
Sadly we only had cell phone cameras to record this rare event. – Anarchist Rod.