opportunity knocks

Drew from Spinnaker Sailing in Frisco has an interesting proposition for the right folks…
andrews 21We just bought 12 Andrew’s 21’s. These were the boats used by Balboa YC for the Governors Cup. We are looking for a space to bring 6 of them too, either all at once or perhaps 2 at a time. We will leave them on their trailers, sand bottoms, roll on intercoat 2000 epoxy, then roll on 2 coats of Petit Trinidad. We’ll move pads, do the same, then take them to a hoist, launch rig and get them into service.
Ideally, we’d like to find a somewhat industrial space, inside or outside, that we can do this in on the cheap. We’re avoiding boatyards as it’s just too expensive to pay them to do this. Looking for the MOST affordable alternative We’ll need to space approximately 1 month. Any suggestions?
Additionally, We’re selling 6 of these for $9900 each. Price is negotiable too.
Obviously, if you know of a program looking to develop a kickass team, match or youth sailing program, this is absolutely turn key. We’d package all six for an attractive price.
The boats come with Trailer (in excellent condition) Full suit of sails (main, jib and sam kite) spin pole, new samson running rigging. Ballinger Spar and Boom. These boats were built in 2003 for the Governors Cup. They sailed only 10 days per year and were dry stored on their trailers. Have to say, they are in excellent condition. VERY well maintained. All new standing and running rigging this year.
Here’s the website with info and specs. Drop me a note if interested.