how low can a punk get?

US Sailing has reached it’s nadir by foisting Dee “I’m not handicapped” Smith into the Olympics by insisting that he should represent the US in the Paralympic Sailing Games in Rio. From an organization that has a history of incompetence, irrelevance, and remains grossly unconnected from the sport it purports to represent, with this sham, it has reached a sad, miserable low.
For the rank and file members of US Sailing, or just sailors in general who seem not to care less, just remember that not only are you letting this asshat abuse the sport before your very eyes, you are essentially telling US Sailing, “Go ahead and continue to degrade the sport I love. You can do whatever you want and  I won’t say a god damn word.” That’s nearly as shameful as Smith being considered disabled, even though he himself said he is not. Please tell us how it is that heads haven’t rolled in US Sailing for this? Oh that’s right, they can do whatever the fuck they want.
For us, our only hope is that the very water that the IOC says is just peachy turns out to something less than that, and actually much, much more. Sitting low in that boat should present good amount of face wash. Hell, there might even be a turd with Smith’s name on it.
Title inspiration thanks to Bad Brains.