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spinning wheel of death

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.36.14 AMA fruitcake named Reza Baluchi joined Rimas, the Flyin’ Hawaiian, and Reid Stowe in the illustrious ranks of the Idiot Mariner Society last weekend during a passage attempt from Florida to Puerto Rico in what is essentially a human-size hamster wheel.  Reza’s been rescued before, but this time was different, or so sad Baluchi’s website.

“Reza is so confident that he will succeed in this trip because he has carefully articulated every detail it takes to survive. In the years 2010-2012 he survived the dangers of Death Valley, by carefully planning where he would obtain water and rest for the night. By going through this experience, this is when the idea of traveling through the Bermuda Triangle was born. He spent his time running through 120 degree weather on a daily basis and it was no bother to him.”

The Coast Guard picked up Baluchi on Sunday in a ‘voluntary rescue’ and his hamster wheel was being towed to shore.  The CG had previously warned Baluchi not to depart, considering his plan ‘unsafe.’  Shocker.
It appears Death Valley failed to turn Baluchi into a successful mariner. Another shocker!