25 second shit box

free el chapo crew shirtThe Newport to Ensenada race was one for the ages. Sailing my Melges 32 Anarchy, we revelled in the 15-22 knot breeze that blew for nearly the entire race. Never have I sailed a boat that is quite a weapon in that stuff like the 32. The thing is a beast, and the wettest boat, both on deck and down below ever!
We did the race in 12 hours and change, which is completely unheard of for a boat this size. The bad news? We lost first overall corrected time for monohulls (and our class win) by 25 seconds. Good christ did that suck. We of course lamented of how many places we left that time on the racecourse, but that’s just the way in goes sometimes. Huge thanks to Mel Wiils, Andrew LaPlant, Rodrigo Doll, Paige Johnstone and Sean Kelley for busting their asses all race long.
We sported our wildly inappropriate DRY UV Anarchy sweatshirts in Ensenada. The locals actually dug them!
The race was epic and i’ll have pictures and a bit more to the story asap. Right now, I’m shaking off the memories of the race, the strip clubs and the drunken craziness that has rained for the last 36 hours. It’s wasn’t pretty, but I wouldn’t change a thing, except for those god damn 25 seconds… the ed.