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Big Pimpin’
Pilering-in-use.jpgEver had to lasso a piling with a dock line while backing into a slip? Ever show up to a boat suspended above the water ‘cause you didn’t leave enough slack in the lines for the tide? How ‘bout chafed a rope on a piling full of splinters or oysters? No more!
Pile Ring is a simple, industrial grade, cost-effective solution for docks with pilings – especially those in tidal regions.
*The seamless, roto-molded Polyethylene/Polyurethane shell is UV stable, indestructible, non-marking, filled with closed-cell foam rendering it unsinkable
*Integrated hoop is a solid, continuous 19mm stainless steel rod which is load cell tested to 3 tons working, / 5 tons breaking load
*Cleans and inhibits growth from the pilings as it rubs & moves with the tidal range
*15.5” inside diameter fits most pilings with enough clearance to slip over existing hardware, requiring ZERO installation
*Designed for use on wood, metal, concrete, and composite
*Available in 2 sizes (larger size offers 21” I/D), either in Orange or Black
*Bulk & wholesale discounts available for commercial clients
Check out our website below for specs, photos, and link to the online store.