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Indian Givers
We went straight to the horse’s mouth on this one, and to his credit, Jim Clark was quick with a firm debunking of the rumors we posted of the end of the Comanche program.  The rumors are still coming fast and hard, but with no one willing to go on the record, it’s a non-story and Clark ends the speculation for good.  Our apologies to the Comanche program – our bad.  Here’s Clark’s note:
I was told you have reported that the Comanche program is being discontinued. You have bad information.
Kristy and I are enjoying racing Comanche in St. Barts at the Voile de St Barts. Our next race is Bermuda, followed by a trans-Atlantic record attempt in August, then more racing through the end of the year — maybe even the Sydney-Hobart again this year. However, Kenny and the team are beginning to also focus on Hanuman and the J-class regatta in Bermuda in 2017 and the J-Class World Championships in Newport in late Summer. Following that, it’s Comanche in 2017 for the Trans-pac and another Sydney-Hobart.
Ken Read has been and continues to be instrumental to both programs. Kristy and I consider Ken, his wife and his daughter to be great friends.
I hope this helps clarify the status of the program and our relationship with it and the team.
All the best,
Jim Clark
Flippin’ Out
The “French Fried” piece about Nicholas Jarossay was out of date 24 hours after the start, when the French nutter capsized his paddle rig. News here, and thanks to SA’er “Volodiaja” for the heads up.