rollin with the (almost) new

The first of  our monthly technical collaboration with Seahorse. They rule. And so do we.
rollinRussell Coutts’ decision to take the America’s Cup away from its roots in traditional monohull keelboats and into high-speed multihulls has had a dramatic trickledown effect on the rest of the sailing world. Lifelong monohull sailors have started to sit up and take notice, and some are beginning to wonder what life is like in a faster lane.
The M32 catamaran was designed to satisfy this growing curiosity with cats, and to offer a practical, affordable route into the world of high-speed multihull sailing. The ‘M’ in the name refers to Marström, Göran Marström, whose beautiful Tornado catamarans became the only weapon of choice for aspiring medal winners in the former Olympic multihull class. The Swedish builder has been responsible for some of the finest small hi-tech multihulls of modern times, as well as the not-so-small SeaCart 30 tri and the Extreme 40 cat, which until this year was the mainstay of the Extreme Sailing Series.
But Marström wanted a boat that he could blast around on with his friends at home on the west coast of Sweden. It had to be easy to rig, easy to maintain, not too hard to sail, yet still delivering blistering performance. Working with longterm design partner Kåre Ljung, the duo settled on 32ft (9.75m) as a good length for accommodating four large or five small adults, yet still manageable on the shore without the need for a crane.
‘The M32 was designed to be strong, to be able to do coastal racing,’ says Ljung. ‘It had to be reliable. You don’t want the boat to break when you’re out at sea. The M32 was Göran’s dream boat. He designed it for himself, the ultimate boat for his own use.
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