finding out true love is blind

AC Dope
sa sweatshirts.png cuntHey, remember when the AC was going to be about the “Facebook Generation”?  Well, that is yet another empty fucking that the “Coutts Generation” failed to deliver. But, we have found something that the AC has continued to deliver, year after year, Cup after Cup:
Loius Vuitton! Yessiree Bob, ol LV is there no matter what. Economic downturn, conspicuous overconsumption, nothing, ever, seems to deter these Bulls on Parade. But maybe we’re just not getting it. Let’s take a look at this Cup’s offerings…
Does anything say “Hey everybody, come on in and be a part of the AC” like  $500.00 sweatshirts? What’s that, you say? Looking for something a bit more upscale than what the gansta hood rats at the local yacht club would wear? Well, not to worry, because good ol’ Louis V. got yo back, yo! Howzabout a Quilted Gillet Vest for $1,400 bucks? No word if it also gives you a handy, but for $1,400 for a fucking vest, it ought to at least come with AstroGlide.
Didya need to get your Blue Blazer so that you too can hob knob (emphasis on knob) with the fat Cats? $2,200 gets you a searsucker jacket, emphasis on sucker.
And what about that little lady in your life? Gots to get her hooked up too, my brother! Never mind that Loius Loius doesnt seem to have any AC swag for chicks, you don’t want to be a dick so get her a purse. What, she isn’t worth $14 grand? You cheap prick!
We advise all of you Poseurs to, once and for all, get with it and support the Cup like the REAL sailors do!!
Title inspiration thanks to San Diego’s very own Louis XIV.