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We are waiting, just can’t wait actually, to see ISAF and US Sailing spin this one…
Federal police are investigating Rio de Janeiro’s state-run utility Cedae for allegations of fraud at its sewage treatment plants around the Guanabara Bay that will feature sailing competitions in the Summer Olympics, officials said.
Fifty-six federal police officers on Thursday carried out eight search and seizure operations in at least six sewage treatment centers, five of which are located around the bay. The actions were part of a yearlong probe that is targeting the water and sewage utility for pollution and possibly charging for services it isn’t adequately providing, which if proven would constitute fraud, Marcelo Prudente, the officer presiding over the investigation, told reporters in Rio.
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 Cedae’s press office denied it had unfairly charged customers, adding it has increased investments over the past decade. The utility is fully willing to cooperate with authorities, it said.
Meanwhile the city is preparing to host the Olympics in four months. While construction of competition venues is nearly complete, Rio state has drawn fire for its failure to treat sewage to the extent promised when it won hosting rights in 2009. The bay is one of the most prominent features of Rio’s world-famous landscape, stretching toward the horizon in postcards of Sugarloaf mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue.Read on, thanks to Bloomberg