where did all the sailors go?

We run into this in Dago all too often these days and it is one hell of a good question, and one that, per usual, is best asked and answered here.
It drives me crazy.  We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon regatta out off Wakiki/Ala Moana.  The weather was warm-as usual-and the wind was a light 7-10 knots-unusual. The RC set a short buoy course: three races with a single lap each.  Cold beer, no reason to shout or pout; it was all quite civilized. Four boats came out.  One in its own division.  Three others.
Four boats.
Granted the mile long legs would be tough for a big boat, but you’d think that it’d be worth it just to practice starts and corners.  Plus, with little time to make up for an error, you had be on the right side of the course at all times, which made tactics challenging. There’s plenty of smaller boats around, too.  Heck, WYC owns something like nine Cal 20’s that were all tied to the dock.  We had provisions in the SI’s for an even shorter course for them.  Nope.
Four boats on the most beautiful day in the most beautiful place on earth.
Two years ago we had a committee of owners put together a plan with recommendations to increase participation.  We put those plans into effect.  Everyone agreed that we’d hit the nail squarely and assured each other that we fixed the problem.  I’m the only one from that committee to race in the once a month series.
Four boats.
We’re have all the sailors gone?  Gone to golf clubs everyone.  Or somewhere.
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