that time of the month

Dear Anarchists…
seahorse_magazinesFor a long time we’ve had a lot of fun with a healthy – sometimes crazy – relationship with Scot, Clean and the boys and girls at SA. We share a lot of the same values – especially around properly fast sailing. No 4kt SB’s for us, thank you! And Team Anarchy really does go sailing… How many figures in our end of things go out and buy their own Melges 32?? That is something we can’t pretend about a lot of ‘commentators’ out there (And spend a fair bit of money helping support local marine businesses. A few assholes in this “industry” love you to think they are players, but don’t spend a fucking penny of their own. And racing your wife’s Sabot doesn’t count. – ed).
As the independent voices ‘on point’ in the sport, we like to think we’ve always supported each other’s efforts and now we’re entering a new phase. Next week we’ll begin releasing some commercially driven Seahorse editorial into a weekly ‘Seahorse Technical Briefing’ (we’re going to call it That Time of The Month, they just don’t know it yet – ed). column on the world No.1 sailing site.
As with all relationships who knows where it will lead – possibly it’ll come crashing down around our ears – but we’re excited to give it a go.
And if you’d like to upgrade to a Seahorse subscription, in print, or digital or both while the campaign runs just use ‘Anarchy’ as your promotional code to access our best subscription deals. www.seahorse.co.uk/shop/subs/
Oh yeh… and tell us what you think. But try to be nice. Or not…
This week we invite you to get involved with Seahorse’s Sailor of the Month column. Each month we nominate two worthy candidates – often based on reader suggestions – and you get to offer feedback and vote on which one should take the excellent prizes that come with the award (a pair of Dubarry boots, a Henri-Lloyd jacket and a Harken Dry bag plus McLube products).
Please go ahead and vote between the godfather of the DSS foil system or the man behind a modern offshore classic – the Caribbean 600: www.seahorsemagazine.com/sailor-of-the-month.