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long form

With much of America socked in by shitty winter weather, everyone needs a big dose of sailing.  So whether you’re looking for some racing to share with your kids or you just need some high speed love, we’ve got a pile of long video and audio so you can get your fix.
The Halls of Innovation

John Casey’s JC Worldwide podcast continues to gather steam, and his 2 hour chat with master carbonologist and all-around great storyteller Ben Hall (Hall Spars) is one for the ages.  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the wildly successful US A-Cat Class and how mere mortals can foil the little flyers, learn how carbon masts are made, and hear a pile of great stories from Hall’s America’s Cup days.  Add in some good shit about the future of 3D printing, the luckiest Evelyn 32 sailboat in the world, and a learning session about different types of carbon, Space X, tidal generators and how the aerospace industry has revolutionized sailing. Learn and laugh with JC and Ben.
Fresh to Freo

The World Match Racing Tour made its first-ever stop in Fremantle, Australia, with the all-new M32 Cat format wowing thousands of spectators, over a million live and social media viewers, and millions of sports fans on something like 58 networks around the world, and why not?  Beaches, bikinis, big breeze, and plenty of high-speed, high-energy action saw big smiles from even the most traditional match racing aficionado.  And the biggest surprise of all?  A guy whose spent his entire life winning in monohulls crushes the cat guys.  Enjoy the entire half-hour long race highlight show above, and try to get past the whiny voice-over.
Extreme Again

It’s no secret that the Extreme Sailing Series has been dull as dirt for the past few years, with dwindling audiences bored by the now-ancient Extreme 40 concept sailing in often silly, windless venues.  Will the new move to GC32 foilers bring the shine back to the ESS?  You’re a better judge than we are, and the best evidence either way comes from Muscat on Day 3 of the recent series opener there.  Here’s the full day’s action commentated by the excellent Pete Cumming.
World Weary

Confession: We weren’t able to get through this one.  But if you turn the sound down, it’s eminently watchable.  And it only cost ISAF a million bucks.
Long Bow

Marc Glimcher’s chartered RP69 Trebuchet (ex-Vanquish, ex-Moneypenny) went like shit off a shovel to take Line Honors in the inaugural Miami-Havana Race.  Here’s the video story of their historic trip (with thanks to our pals at Spinsheet).
For a look at a nice video of the class-winning J/120 Carinthia’s trip, click here.
Short Form

Okay – this one ain’t like the others, but it’s too cool to leave out.  Tom Slingsby shows his reflexes off and keeps several million bucks worth of carbon porn safe.  That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.