scot tempesta, dead at age five

Sometimes the truth can really, really sting. Just not this time.
We regret to inform you that Scot Tempesta died rather unpleasantly last night in a Mexicali house of ill repute. It is not clear as to his reasoning for him being at this venue, however, witness has stated that he was often seen coming a going from this location. Some have even stated that he was an employee of the business. Local authorities have release a statement for the cause of death, ‘Ai, ai, ai, ai!!!’. It was also reported that a 40″ statue of Our Lady of Grace Virgin Mary was removed from his rectum and that Scot was found wearing what can best be described as the ‘aft portion’ of a donkey costume.
Scot leaves behind a Melges 32, with a rather choice PHRF rating, and a befuddling website.
No memorial or funeral services will be held, In lieu of flowers, contributions to the Violence Against Male Prostitutes Fund would be appreciated.
Jump in to pay your, cough, respects.