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stugotsI’d like to offer some more perspective to the kiteboarding ‘Game of Chicken‘ article.
It’s not that IFKO and FFVL will be using their own rules which contravene the ISAF and the RRS. In fact, the events are banned because they WILL be using the RRS and they risk copyright infringement. They will use the RRS without permission and they will refuse to comply with national requirements for enlisting FFV officials, executing FFV sanctioning agreements, etc.
Background: Long ago when kite racing started the local racers approached FFV (French Federation Voile) and asked if they could race. FFV turned their nose and said, “you are not sailors. We will not support racing for you.” (loosely quoted) So FFVL (French Federation Voile Liberty) comes into the picture and they begin to run kite events with great success. Once kiteboarding gained traction at ISAF, FFV had egg in their face and FFVL sits pretty with the kiters. However FFVL has no partnership with ISAF. ISAF is in the pockets of FFV and has ruled in their favor numerous times. The whole thing comes down to this small-scale civil war in France.
RRS 89.1 requires that events must be run in partnership with ISAF or an affiliated national authority or club. Well, the clubs that run kite events are FFVL clubs and FFVL is ‘bad’ is the eyes of ISAF. FFV sanctioned events are ‘good’ in the eyes of ISAF. ISAF bans the FFVL/IFKO events for two main reasons:
1. The event is not FFV sanctioned nor does it have any FFV officials. And ISAF must support FFV.
2. The event organizers and FFVL/IFKO may risk copyright infringement of the RRS because they are not in partnership with ISAF or the affiliated French mafiosi. This is where the legal teeth come into play.
Questions: Does ISAF actually have sound copyright of the “rules”? and specifically, which parts? Can they really say that they OWN “Port/Starboard”? (known as Rule 10) How much of the “rules” do they actually own?
Summary: There are many other questions that need answering but for now; ISAF must be challenged on the copyright issue, on their assumed ownership of the word “world”, and on their prohibiting events that don’t pay their points to the ‘boss’ ‘administration’ “capo”. Stugots!
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