A heartfelt letter to the recently departed Ian Bruce
Dear Ian,
How we will miss you. We will miss your contagious passion and wisdom. We will always admire your flair and sixth sense for design and engineering, the hallmark of the great ones.
You were my first employer as junior industrial designer, at first in the summer as a student, then full-time. As an employer, who could want any better, your were never a “boss”, you were a leader. You were curious, inquisitive, a vast pool of knowledge and an analytic genius who always has to know “why”. You trusted me, you asked me what I thought, you challenged me, you coaxed me, you made me work as hard as I could in my formative years when it was so important. You made me who I am today.
Today I am passionate for design and everything “wind”, I sail on water, on land, on ice and snow. I can never get enough. You contaminated me in a good way Ian. But you did not inoculate me with wisdom. For some like me, I guess that comes with age. But for you Ian, you seem to have it from the get go.
Thanks Ian. Thank you for who you were and for your great generosity.