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they said so

satansewsThis Question Of The Week comes from PNW sailor ‘wristwister’.  Got your own hellish experience with a sewing machine or some advice?  Share yours.

“Do your own upholstery,” they said.  “It’ll be fun!”, they said.
How hard can it be, right? Only 10 cushions down below to upholster. Pick up some fabric and piping, fire up the ol’ sewing machine, and go for it!

The first cushion looks like absolute crap. I’ll probably chuck it and do it again.
The second cushion is marginally acceptable, feeling pretty good about that one.
I completely botched up the third cushion last night. Tossed it in the trash.
…and early on I realized my old machine wasn’t up to the task so I spent some bucks on a more suitable machine.
But I must say, the ladies down at the fabric store are getting a real kick out of me. A clueless man walks in and they kind of gather around and trip over each other trying to help me.
Any of you do your own upholstery? After you finished the boat, did you toss the machine and say “fuck that, never again”?!